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Getting Maximum Value for Your Assets
Sellers can improve their probability of selling their assets by providing complete and accurate descriptions,
at least two to three clear quality photographs and setting fair opening prices.

Why sell with ICM Group International?

   *Deal with an industry leader who has a proven track record of MOVING equipment
   *Maximize your return on assets with minimal effort
   *Sell in industry-specific areas with global marketing support
   *Access ICM Group International’s extensive global network of buyers 
   *Sell assets that are located anywhere in the world 
   *No Cost To Sellers • No Minimum Quantities • No Risk

IMPROVE profitability and increase efficiency by selling your surplus capital assets today.

Your company can now list and sell equipment through ICM Group International’s highly successful Marketing
campaign at NO CHARGE TO YOU! ICM Group International will promote your assets to a global audience
of thousands of interested buyers, creating intense competition for your equipment. Once your asset is
sold, ICM Group International will collect payment from the buyer. As soon as the item has been prepared
and is ready for shipment, ICM Group International will send payment to you. It's that simple!!!